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Student Name:





Anticipated Graduate Date: 



Please submit application to the Dean of Students & Faculty


your Program’s Department Chair or the Dean of Academic Progress


1. Documentation of your Educational/Research Effort

The expectation is that all projects and portfolios represent significant efforts outside of regular class assignments, developed in conjunction with an appropriate NECI instructor. All Educational/Research projects and portfolios must be pre-approved by an appropriate instructor who reads, critiques and approves the effort. Portfolios must be submitted for review at least once each term. Attach additional sheet(s) if more space is needed, or to report on additional research efforts. For students submitting research papers, this may be the same submission as The Culinary Research Scholarship (must be submitted prior to Mod 3) or Second Internship Research Paper.


Include a brief proposal for your paper or project, the name of the faculty member involved, and any other relevant aspects of the study.


I have been documenting my experiences since starting culinary school. I have posts that include what I’ve learned in various classes, thoughts about food and the industry, projects at home, reflections on my life/career progress, and visits to local food companies.

Project Summary:

Summarize briefly the research paper, menu project, portfolio or research project(s) you carried out.

Please visit my blog at to see all my blog posts. I have written about 180 posts to date since April 2011, which is about 90 posts per year, at about 1.7 posts per week. I plan on continuing this process in the very least through my final internship, and probably beyond. I have also included pages about myself, a professional statement, and an updated resume.


2. Educational Event/Group Community Service:

The objective is to exhibit developing leadership skills, not just by participating in activities, but also by organizing them. Describe below one educational activity for students that you organized and participated in. The event must be hospitality-industry related and must involve a minimum of 8 students. It may be either an educational event for students or a food & beverage-related, group community service project. (Survival Meals or Recreational Student Activities do not qualify for this requirement).

Include in your description the particulars of the activity, such as date, time, location, nature of the event, outcome, and so forth. You will need to have the campus Student Services Coordinator approve and acknowledge in writing that you have successfully completed your activity.

Description of Activity:

I organized a panel of speakers for this event. Please read my blog post.


3.  Participation in the NECI Community: 

The expectation is that the Graduate with Distinction stands out within NECI’s own community by getting involved. Describe your efforts to contribute to our community. Sample activities include: peer tutor, ad hoc committees, instructor try-outs, student work pool for kitchen/dining room support, assist with Alumni or Admissions events, special projects to assist NECI chefs, recreational student activity planning, survival meal execution, etc. Paid work shifts may be counted for up to 25% of this requirement; students may not ‘volunteer’ or work unpaid for any NECI work shifts to help meet this requirement.

Summarize below each of the eight NECI service activities you have participated in. Include dates, times, type of activity, faculty member you coordinated with, and give a summary of how this increased your involvement and awareness of NECI.  You will need a faculty or staff member to acknowledge in writing that you have completed each of these activities. Attach additional sheet(s).

Description of Activities:

  1. 6/4/11: volunteer at NECI graduation
  2. 6/20/11: volunteer at NECI appreciation dinner for Mods 4+6
  3. 6/24/11: volunteer at Stowe Wine and Food Festival with Chef Tom
  4. 7/21/11: volunteer at celebration for the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  5. 8/20/11: volunteer at the Great Vermont Community Picnic with Chef Tom
  6. 8/25/11: volunteer at Wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Paul and Chef Kevin
  7. 9/3/11: volunteer at special dinner for victims of Hurricane Irene/floods with Dr. Andrea McManus
  8. 9/10/11: volunteer at wild game dinner for Wild Turkey Federation
  9. 4/14/12: volunteer at NECI open house with Chef Joey
  10. 5/23-5/25, 2012: participate with special group at off-site catering event for Fran Voigt’s 50th college reunion at Wesleyan
  11. 6/16/12: volunteer at NECI Day, hand out cookies
  12. 7/21/12: volunteer at SlowFoods event at VT Butter and Cheese Company with Chefs Martha and Emma
  13. 8/5/12: volunteer at Vermont Fresh Network Annual Forum at Shelburne Farms

Total hours: about 70.25.
(I have also volunteered at many other occasions, but stopped keeping track because I had already fulfilled my hours.)


4.  Professional Development through organizations:

The purpose of volunteering with an organization is to develop an awareness of the professional resources and networking opportunities available to you in the food and beverage industry.

List below at least one volunteer activity that you have participated in. Typical organizations might include: ACF, VICA/SkillsUSA, AIWF, Chefs Collaborative, Vermont Fresh Network, Woman Chefs, & Restaurateurs, or a host of others. Discuss particulars of the activity and the group you were involved with, such as nature of the group, membership periods, contributions to the group, activities of the group, outcomes, and so forth. You will need the organization’s staff person sponsor to acknowledge in writing your participation. Attach additional sheets as needed.

Description of Activity:

Please see my volunteer activity sheets from 7/21/12 and 8/5/12 where I participated in events hosted by SlowFoods and the Vermont Fresh Network.

I have also been a member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs (WCR) since December, 2011. Below is my confirmation email from WCR.



5.  Internship Update:

The expectation is that the student will seek an internship(s) that will challenge him/her, and that internship performance will reflect a strong level of motivation and commitment.  Summarize your internship(s) below, indicating where you went, your rationale for your internship choice, a summary of activities and challenges, and a self-assessment of your performance. Mention any special events or additional responsibilities that added educational value to your internship. Attach additional sheets as needed.


Stowe Mountain Lodge (Stowe, VT)

I chose a hotel/resort both because of the location, and because some chef instructors thought it would be a good idea for me to experience a large hotel kitchen. Since this is first my job in a professional kitchen, I would be able to see various outlets, including prep, hot line, banquets, in-room dining, bakeshop, and so on.

I did well for my skill level, and even got recognition for work I did on a station in the lobby of the hotel. Overall meets standards, I worked exclusively on garde manger and learned how to work the station. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work on anything else (like banquets or other stations), but I did learn about the day-to-day procedures in the kitchen and the politics of the kitchen.

Please also see posts on my blog for more extensive information and reflections about my internship at Stowe Mountain Lodge.

Below is my “Team of the Quarter” Award for my performance at Stowe Mountain Lodge (February 2012).



I decided to fast-track into the BA program, so I will not complete the second AOS internship.


I have almost secured an internship with a food distribution company located in Colchester, VT where I will be learning procurement, and also working on special projects, such as working on a program for local producers/farmers.


6.  Other:

If you have additional relevant activities, include them in this request for Graduation with Distinction. List and discuss them below or on additional sheet(s). Include appropriate documentation as needed.

Vermont Food Producers/Farms:

I have made an effort to visit factories of Vermont food companies and find out more about the production of their products. I have visited Ben & Jerry’s, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Cabot Cheese Creamery, Green Mountain Coffee, King Arthur Flour, and Grafton Village Cheese Factory, and have posted about these trips on my blog. I’ve also visited several farms and been to many food-based events revolving around local foods of Vermont.

Student Ambassador:

I have been a Student Ambassador at NECI since October 2012, and have represented NECI at some open houses and some tours. For recognition of my services, I received a special chef’s coat at the Mod 6 Appreciation Dinner in March 2013.



I received the “Shiny Shoe” Award in September 2012 for excellence in brigade and professionalism.


I received the “Rising Star” Award in March 2013 for excellence in the BA Program in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.



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