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Baby Herbs

Hi Folks!
It’s (almost) early summer here in Vermont, and I am for the first time planting herbs for a potential garden this summer. Anyone who knows me is familiar with my non-existent gardening skills, so you might be surprised to see that there are plants growing at my house. Some of them are growing better than others.

The thyme and dill are struggling a bit, but I’m hoping that the sun will revive them.

The basil and parsley are looking all right! I’m so excited that they are actually growing!

I also got some more mature plants, including basil, chives, and mint. The basil looks pretty sad, probably because I left it outside when it was too cold. Poor thing, I hope it recovers.


And here is Purl enjoying the outside! Really, she is just waiting for me to give her dinner.

Hopefully, having some shorter posts will help stay in touch with you folks a little better!
~ Carolynn


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