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New Job and Pork!

Hey Folks!

Tonight, I decided to make something I rarely cook: pork. I bought some local pork chops, fennel, and some watercress.

I decided to make up the fennel with a recipe I learned in culinary school. You basically braise the fennel in balsamic vinegar and sugar. I also made a polenta because my girlfriend had never had it (or fennel!). We had some mushrooms left over, so I made those on the side.

The final plating doesn’t include the mushrooms, but I did add some red beets and watercress.

Well, it was delicious, and needed after the second day at my new job. Yes, I’ve accepted a new job at City Market in Burlington. I’m very happy to be working at a place with strong progressive values and lots of local foods! It’s like a fantasy land in there! Beautiful products all around. City Market

The first day was great; the second day was a little overwhelming with all the orientation and info… Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better, and I can get more organized.

~ Carolynn



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One thought on “New Job and Pork!

  1. She’d never had polenta. New adventures all around. Hugs

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