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Taco Tuesdays

Hey Folks,

yup, it’s me again. I’m going to try once again to get this thing going on a regular basis. It might be easier to have shorter posts, with lots of photos! I’m sure you’d enjoy that, too.

Well, I’ve implemented semi-regular “Taco Tuesdays” at home. Not that I know much about Mexican cuisine at all, but I try different things that end up in tortillas. Tonight, I made chicken carnitas with leftover chicken.


Here’s the chicken. I fried it in a little oil, added garlic, cinnamon sticks, orange, lemon, and lime wedges, whole dried chilies, chicken stock, canned tomatoes, and various spices (cumin, paprika, chili powder, chipotle). Then I let it simmer for a long time.


I also grilled some corn on the stove, which was then garnished with chili powder, paprika, and lime sea salt.


Checking in on the carnitas… The liquid has boiled down and thickened, just the way I wanted it.


A fresh tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad on the side.


I toast the tortillas over the stove… and voila!



It was very delicious, as you might imagine. This is definitely a meal I’ll make again.

Till soon – hopefully!



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