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Plated Desserts: Tuiles

Hey Peeps!

Want to join me for a tuile party?

You probably want to know what a tuile is! A tuile is a kind of wafer, usually added to a plated dessert as a garnish. A tuile should be interesting to look it, and have a significant effect on the plate – in other words, it should make an impact when the server brings the plate to the table.

I’ve put together some photos of tuiles that we made in class. One student usually spent about two hours making tuiles before every service. You take the batter and spread it onto a sheet pan lined with a silpat, a non-stick baking mat. So, you spread the batter with an off-set spatula, using a stencil (you’ll see how it works in the photos). You bake them – not too long, they burn easily – and then you either let them cool after baking, or take them while they’re still warm and form them into the shape you want. This was a hard part for me! My hands are so sensitive to the heat! Chef regularly made fun of me!

The tuiles are cripsy and have a slight vanilla flavor; you can also make chocolate ones.




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