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Plated Desserts: Strudel

Hey strangers!

Here’s a new post – which I know you have been waiting for!

In one of our classes, Chef showed us how to make a true strudel! The dough is made from scratch, and stretched out over a table, and then rolled up.


Here’s the Chef and a classmate stretching the dough very thinly over a table lined with a clean tablecloth. You have to be careful not to tear the dough, although a small tear is okay.


As you can see, the dough has been stretched so far that you can almost see through it.


Here is the dough, laid over the table. Now it is time to fill it with yummy apple filling!


All the filling goes onto one end of the table, in a large heap.


Then, you brush melted butter onto the dough, and gradually roll the whole thing up into one big sausage.


This is what it should look like! As you can see, we left the ends on. That way, all the liquid from the apples doesn’t run out onto the baking tray (and out of the strudel).

You can cut it into slices and enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

~ Carolynn


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One thought on “Plated Desserts: Strudel

  1. Hilary on said:

    now see, if I could make that, I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time throwing a bunch of compost into a stock pot!

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