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Plated Desserts: Blind Basket

Hi People!

At the beginning of our new class, Chef assigned us all a “blind basket” project. We got four ingredients and had to make a plated dessert out of it.

Here are my ingredients: brown sugar, heavy cream, eggs, coffee. So I figured: heavy cream and eggs – easy! I’ll make ice cream! And creme anglaise! I made coffee ice cream (delicious!) and also brown sugar ice cream. The brown sugar ice cream was exciting, as I had never made ice cream before, had certainly never heard of brown sugar ice cream. It involves melting the brown sugar and caramelizing it slightly before adding it to the ice cream base, which then gets spin in the machine to create the ice cream.

I decided on profiteroles because I could do a trio; that makes the dish exciting! Here’s how it come out!

Three profiteroles filled with: coffee ice cream, brown sugar ice cream, and chocolate pastry cream. I made different chocolate toppings with dark and white chocolate. On the bottom of the plate, there is a brandy creme anglaise. In between the three profiteroles, there is a brown sugar streusel.

If I might say so myself, I thought the plate came out well. We happened to have an anniversary table in for dinner on the day I ran my special. So it worked out well!

Another part of the class was to draw some plated desserts. First, a classic plating of a flourless chocolate cake. Then, a modern plating of the same thing.


I came up with two ideas for a modern plating.



Desserts are so easy to make pretty! This was a fun project.

~ Carolynn



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