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In Which I Make Colorful Sauces

Hi Folks!

Once again we have an exciting class planned! Chef had us make various sauces for the class on the next day, when we would be learning some plating techniques.

The night before, I get to make colored sauces, which looks like this:



These were the two “extreme” sauces I made. One teal, and one green. They are simply water mixed with cornstarch (to thicken them), and with food coloring added. I had so much fun!



But of course we also had “regular” sauces. The red one is a red beet sauce. Someone also made a carrot sauce, and we also used our regular creme anglaise (pale yellow) and chocolate sauce (brown).

The next day, we begin.


Here is the preparation: clean plates, and lots of parchment paper cones that contain one of the sauces. We make the cones ourselves, and then cut tiny little holes for tips, and squeeze out the sauces onto the plates.


Chef likes to do clean, modern designs.


This is my plate: I practiced and fooled around a bit. But I do also like the lines with dots.



When you have at least two colors of sauces, you can make designs, and then fill in the loops and circles, and other empty spaces. I made a green clover, and some loop-dee-loops that I filled with blue sauce. Or red sauce, I’m not quite sure. Anyway, this is really just fooling around.


Here’s some more sauces on plates. You can pull it, smear it, paint it with a brush. So many possibilities!

You can also combine two sauces and make really pretty designs like hearts or tear drops. Here, you make a pool and drop three drops of the red sauce, then pull a pointy tool through it (like a skewer).


Other pretty designs with two sauces.


My famous two sauces that don’t exist in real life.


Yeah. For some reason, I really liked those two colors. Ha!


This is what Chef likes to call an amoeba: chocolate sauce filled with creme anglaise.

So, what did we learn? Simple and elegant is the way to go, and no more than two sauces on a plate. Make it look nice, but not too much.

~ Carolynn




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