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Plated Desserts: Bread Station

Hi Peeps!

For one week of my Plated Desserts class, I get to work on the bread station. You get a bread basket when you sit down for dinner at the restaurant, and it is our job to make those bread baskets. We don’t actually make most of the breads; they are made across the street at the school’s bakery – La Brioche.

There are often three to five different kinds of loaves that we get every day, including baguette, levain, different kinds of white, wheat, and grain breads, sometimes lavash, a type of flatbread topped with seeds.

In addition, the students in our class who are on the bread station are encouraged to make a daily bread. When it was my turn, I made pretzel sticks, whole wheat flatbread, and rosemary crackers. It was actually quite fun. And while I have complained in the past on this blog about my failure to bake with yeast, this time around, it really seemed to work out. I was so proud of the pretzel sticks, because they tasted really good, and the guests kept asking for more. They could have looked a little better, but they tasted really great.

Maybe I will become a baker after all? 🙂

~ Carolynn


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