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More Desserts!

Hi Folks!

Okay, I know I promised the rest of the desserts from our menu. Here we go!

This is a chocolate custard tart with caramel ice cream. Plus, there is caramel sauce under the tart, and the tart is decorated with whipped cream, strawberry, and a cooked sugar garnish. On the right, there is chocolate sauce and a star shaped tuile under the caramel ice cream. All items are made in-house.

This is a tray full of the custard tarts. Yum!

This is a hotel pan full of the pots de creme, which is the same custard filling we put in our tarts. In this case, we fill the still warm chocolate mixture into glasses and then top them with whipped cream and biscuit flakes.

Which leads me to our next plate:

This is our snack plate. From left to right, we have the pot de creme, a cone tuile with sweet and salty nuts, a mini fruit tart, and macaroons. This is a pretty popular item.


And this is our creme brulee, topped with a tuile cone and fresh berries.

Bon appetit!

~ Carolynn


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