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Hey Folks!

I apologize for my lack of blog posts recently. This month has just been so busy, and I have needed some time away for writing and posting to re-organize and re-energize.

But: so much has been happening! I still need to write about the many great things I have been learning and making.

Last week, I started a new course called ‘Pastries, Confections, and Plated Desserts’, and I will call it ‘Plated Desserts’ for short. In this class, we produce the desserts for our main restaurant, NECI on Main, and we also learn about cakes, pastries, confections, and plated desserts.

In the first week, I have already learned so much! And what’s more: I’ve discovered I love making desserts. Well, maybe that isn’t such a surprise to you, but when I started culinary, I had to make a decision on which program to go into: culinary, baking and pastry, or hospitality management. I chose culinary because I really wanted to work with all the savory ingredients, and learn how to cook meats, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, starches, grains, and so on. But I almost decided on doing baking and pastry, which includes breads, pastries, cakes and cake decorations, tarts, chocolate, candies, custards, ice creams, etc. Luckily, I have been able to learn the basics of bread and pastries, but I would love to learn how to make EVERYTHING! There just isn’t enough time in this lifetime.

For this first post, why don’t I describe the dishes on our menu currently at the Main Street Bar and Grill.

This is the berry tower. The elements on the plate are the berry tower (the cylinder), a flag tuile (the wavy thing), some macerated berries (berries marinated with sugar), and the ‘ameoba’, which is the chocolate sauce ring filled with creme anglaise. Creme anglaise is an egg and cream based vanilla sauce.


Here’s how we start: we take metal ring molds, and line them with plastic sheets on the inside. Then, we take a very thin almond ribbon cake, cut out strips, and line the molds.


Then, we take a chocolate cake and cut out coins with a cookie cutter/ring mold.


We take the chocolate cake coins and put them inside the ring molds.


After this, we make a raspberry mousse, fill it into a pastry bag (or piping bag), and then fill up the molds. Then, we freeze the whole thing. This will set the mousse, and allow us to fill up the molds with raspberry gelee.

View from above. For service, we take the metal ring mold off, and then just peel away the plastic strip. Then we arrange the flag tuile around the tower, scoop the berries onto the plate, and squirt the sauces. Done! And isn’t she a beauty?

In the next post: the rest of our desserts!

~ Carolynn




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