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Art of Cuisine: Class Final Projects and Brunch

Hey Friends,

did I mention this class was amazing? Well, we’re on our final Sunday brunch, it’s the last day of class, and we’re all putting out our projects during service. I’m including a gallery in this post where you can see some of our creations, and also other foods served at the brunch.

Overall, Chef was happy with how my project came out. There were a couple of small flaws: the gelatinous stock I used to fill the pork pie wasn’t quite gelatinous enough, and started to melt at room temperature. The platter I chose wasn’t large enough for the amount of food I had on it – in other words, I violated the 60/40 rule: 60% is supposed to be negative space. Also, the pork pie and Scotch eggs were under seasoned (even though I had tasted both before cooking – don’t know what went wrong there). But overall, good job, Carolynn! Ha!

And of course, here are the photos.

~ Carolynn



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2 thoughts on “Art of Cuisine: Class Final Projects and Brunch

  1. Food Stories on said:

    These are beautiful 🙂

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