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Hi Friends,

I finally finally made it to Montreal. It was a school trip. We drove up in one van, across the border – it’s only about three hours from Montpelier.

First of all: I had so much fun. It was a great day, and I need to go back soon.

Second of all: I love Montreal. I fell in love with it immediately. It was so French, so European, so great.

Third: Can I move there, please?

Montreal is a great foodie city, and we investigated many menus until we found the restaurants we wanted to dine in. All the food was DELICIOUS. It was a beautiful day, and we walked around a lot, went to the older parts and China Town. I bought some great kitchen equipment in China Town that I use every day.

Our first stop was Atwater Market, a very large building that had many gourmet shops on the inside: a bakery, some meat/charcuterie places, a cheese shop, chocolates, other gourmet foods – such a delight. I was in heaven.

I’ve included a photo tour of our visit, with some explanations. Enjoy!

~ Carolynn



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2 thoughts on “Montreal!

  1. Quinn Slater on said:

    How fun! That looks like it was a great trip. I need to do a food-oriented trip, soon. 🙂

  2. Yes! Better yet, we should go together!

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