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Art of Cuisine: Amuse Bouche and Appetizer

Hey Folks!

Let’s move on to some other interesting things I learned about in my Art of Cuisine class.

Amuse Bouche: I’ve talked about this one before, but let’s just remind ourselves of what it is. The amuse bouche is also called amuse gueule, and is used in fine dining as a gift to the table, quasi a small greeting from the kitchen. It should showcase the kitchen’s talents, and generally will be served before any other food. Sometimes it can also be used as a timing tool, in other words, if the kitchen is running slowly, you can send out an amuse bouche to keep diners occupied.

It is 1-2 bites, and hopefully delicious! And yes, we were asked to make one for our class as part of a challenge that also included the hors d’oeuvre (see previous post) and appetizer challenge (see below).

I thought a long time about this one, and for some reason, deviled eggs were on my mind. But I wanted to do something cool, and untraditional. So I decided to do a de-constructed deviled egg, just for fun! Also, I thought pickled might be fun, so I looked up some recipes online.

Here’s what I came up with:

It’s a deconstructed deviled egg with the yolk mixture on the plate. I boiled the egg, then did a quick pickle with beet juice and apple cider vinegar, so the egg took on that pinkish color. I mixed the yolk with minced cornichons, mustard, and some turmeric for color. Plus, I added a little paprika and ground chipotle for some kick. I made a mini beet salad from red beets, and filled that into the hole in the egg white, then added the cilantro garnish. Pretty, no? Chef really liked this one. And so did I. This is one I’ll make again!

Next up: the appetizer. The appetizer should be about 5-7 bites, and should be in line with the menu or restaurant concept. They  help sell alcohol, and also are frequently inspired by ethnic or street foods. Well, you all know what an appetizer is, right!

Here’s the one I made:

By now, you all know about my obsession with FRESH SUMMER ROLLS, so of course I had to make them for my challenge. I poached some shrimp in green tea and some other seasoning, did my best knife work on some lovely vegetables, and made my own spicy peanut sauce. I may have overdone it with the little sprinkles on the plate. Chef thought so. So we tried a different plating.

See, this one is cool because the intersecting lines draw the eye into the main element. And then there’s just a tiny salad on the empty space. Much better.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my efforts on the amuse bouche and appetizer. I got really creative with the deviled egg, which is a good start towards more development of my creativity. With more experience and exposure, I will get better at that, too.

~ Carolynn





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