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Art of Cuisine: Brunch

Hey Peeps!

We return to my new class: Art of Cuisine. Another part of this class is prepping for NECI’s Sunday Brunch. NECI’s Sunday Brunch was recently voted one of the Top Ten Best Brunches by I am so proud to be part of this wonderful, delicious event.

On Sunday mornings, we arrive at 7 am in the kitchen, and start cooking bacon, sausages, pancakes, and anything else that needs to be cooked or warmed up that Sunday. This week, I am on garde manger, which means I will make and assemble the cold platters – salads, vegetable platters, charcuterie, cheeses, and so on.

We like to be set up by about 9:30 am, as we open for service at 10 am. Service lasts from 10-2, and the idea is to have a nice looking buffet for everyone who comes in, whether it be in the beginning, middle or end of service. So during service, we continually check to make sure the platters, bowls, and chafing dishes are at least half full, and that the food looks appealing.

The food generally consists of bacon, sausages, one item of either a waffle, French toast, or something like that, a meat item, a fish item, three to four composed salads, and other smaller items like canapes, mini-sandwiches, and so on. Basically, anything that is delicious!

And not to forget: dessert! There is an entire class dedicated to making desserts for Sunday brunch, and they always set up their own table with sweet mini-desserts like custards, mini-tarts, chocolates, small baked items, and so on.An

Any questions? If not, let’s look at the photos!

~ Carolynn




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