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Maple Wind Farms: Open House

Hey Folks,

recently, I went on a trip to a farm nearby, called Maple Wind Farm. There was an open house, with hay rides and some sausages (yum). I went with my friend James, who is what you would call a “city boy”, and we both had fun looking at the animals (cows, pigs, goats, chicken, and a couple of lambs and horses).

We walked around for a little while, and I went on the hay ride, and then we both had sausages. What a great day in beautiful Vermont! Midnight Goat Farm brought some goats to look at.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to visit farms and actually see the animals that are allowed to graze freely and express their true natures. Cows are grazers, pigs are rooters (they use their strong snouts to root in the dirt for food), and chickens like to scratch in the dirt and grass.

Having seen these animals, it makes me all the more respectful when I work with the meat in the kitchen. I always try to remember where our meat comes from, and that it was once part of a living, breathing animal. This farm does an amazing job with the way it treats the animals, and it’s a beautiful spot of land with a lovely view of the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Please enjoy the photos!

~ Carolynn


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