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Catering and Banquets: Pig in an Orchard

Hi Folks!

This will be my last post for this class. In my final days in this class, I made one last special on the breakfast/lunch station. This station makes eggs/omelets to order for breakfast, and makes a special hot sandwich for lunch, along with hot dogs and sliders.

My special sandwich was made up of some leftover pork loin from the day before. The pork loin had been stuffed with blue cheese and pears, so I thought of making a sandwich with fresh apples, honey mustard, and blue cheese on rye bread. I called it “Pig in an Orchard”, and it was pretty popular!

Components: griddled rye bread, slice of stuffed pork loin, fresh, crispy apple slices, heap of blue cheese, honey mustard sauce!

I hoped you learned something from my posts for this class. This was a great class, and I learned a lot!

~ Carolynn


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