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Mediterranean Flavors: The Pass

Hey Folks!

As you may know, the person who reads and calls out the tickets during service, and organizes the order of the dishes that are made, is called the expeditor. The expeditor runs “the pass”, which is where the dishes get their final garnishes and wipes, and the servers pick up the plates to bring to the dining room.

This is a view of the pass, and of our TINY kitchen.

As you can see, there is not a lot of room in this u-shaped kitchen. With 10 of us in the class, we were constantly brushing up against each other. This can be very frustrating, especially when you’re under pressure.

The hot side is on the right, and the cold side is on the left. Right in front, you can see the table where the plates are picked up by the servers.

Here is a view of the garnishing options for all the different plates. The oils (chorizo, paprika, lemon, cilantro) are dripped onto the plates with the little pipette droppers. There is also a chiffonade of parsley and cilantro, and some micro greens to choose from. Also, in the little squares, there are some various dried spices, including chorizo flakes, smoked paprika, citrus zest (lemon and orange), salt, and aleppo pepper.

Here’s what a finished plate might look like after garnish:

This is marinated sauteed shrimp with garlic chips, preserved lemon, and some oils and spices sprinkled on.

I enjoyed the half-day I got to run the pass. You get to call out orders, organize what goes out, call for service, wipe plates, garnish plates… It was pretty slow while I was doing it, but I can imagine it gets pretty complicated when there are constant orders coming in. I would definitely like to get more experience being the expeditor.

~ Carolynn



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