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Carolynn learns chiffonade

Hey Folks!

Quick update from me tonight… I finally learned how to chiffonade properly. For some reason, I’ve been doing it wrong so far!

Well, not entirely wrong, but in a way that wasn’t efficient and didn’t look good.

A chiffonade is a knife cut we use for leafy herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley. Basically, you cut the leaves into very fine strips. So far, I had been stacking the leaves and rolling them, and then cutting them.

Yesterday, Chef showed me how to get a finer cut – I had given him a rather rough chop – oops!

So, we stack a couple of leaves on top of one another, making sure they are dry and the knife is sharp. Then, we DON’T roll them but instead start cutting very very fine strips, moving our fingers along the  leaves in tiny increments.

So much better! Immediate success and feelings of pride on my part.

Thank you, Chef!

~ Carolynn



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