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Success with yeast dough!

Hi Friends,

yes, I want to shout it out to the world: I made a yeast dough, and it didn’t flop! It actually came out nice! Hooray!!!!!!! I am so happy today with some focaccia I made. I also ate half of it already, so it’s a win-win situation.

Many thanks to my friend, who gave me this recipe (you know who you are).

The focaccia in its baby stage.

Of course, we start by mixing the yeast in water to activate it. It gets bubbly.

The first roll in flour.

It doesn’t look like much now, but this dough will soon double in size after I knead some more flour into it.

It's alive!

This particular recipe has three (!) different rising stages for the dough. This is after the second. I had put the dough into a glass bowl and covered it with a wet towel. It is on the stove because that’s the warmest place in the house. Plus, the oven had been on and off repeatedly throughout the day.

Before baking.

The fun part: pouring loads of olive oil into a baking pan, putting the dough in, and then pouring more olive oil on it. I also added coarse sea salt and (frozen, yet still aromatic) rosemary.

After baking.

The house fills with the delicious aromas of rosemary and baking bread. And finally, it’s done. A beautiful brown coloring all over, and fully baked through at 200 degrees (Fahrenheit). While it’s still steaming, I cut it open and try my first bite.

Still warm and steaming.



Up close.

The crumb.

The crumb looks nice; it’s very fine, and finer than I expected. Perhaps in the future, once I make many many more yeast breads, I will be able to make a dough with larger holes, and a little chewier. To be honest, I think this bread may have over-proofed, meaning I let it rise too long and the nice bubbles that make the holes had already dissipated.

But overall: success.

Earlier in the day, I made granola. BIG FAIL!!!

Burnt granola.

I walk away for one moment and – it’s burnt!


~ Carolynn



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