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Duet of Duck

A view from the front.

Hey Peeps!

Our new menu, which I entitled “Winter II”, has a couple of new cold appetizers (‘apps’). In a previous post, I already wrote about the eggplant involtini. Today, I will write a little bit about our duet of duck.

The basic components are duck confit and duck pate. Duck confit is duck (usually the legs) simmered in fat (usually its own fat). A confit in general is something cooked in a viscous liquid, and can be either fat or syrup, in other words, either savory or sweet. We pick the duck meat from the legs and mix it with powdered gelatin while it is still warm, then press it onto a half sheet pan and weigh it down so that it forms a sheet.

Duck pate is duck livers, blended and baked with reduced cream, butter, and liquor. The color is a bit like bologna. We bake it in bread loaf pans, and then cut it into strips.

Cutting up the pate and the confit.

In this photo, you can see how we cut up the pate (the pinkish stuff) and the confit (the darker, gritty looking stuff) into rectangles.

For the plate-up, we put three pieces onto the plate, along with fig jam and cider braised onions. Then, we top it off with truffle salt (salt with bits of dried truffle in it) and micro greens. (Yes, micro greens seem to top off any dish we make!)

A view from the side.

Pretty nice looking, don’t you think?

~ Carolynn


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