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Our new menu at Solstice also reflects changes in the dessert department.


The creme brulee is a classic, and one of my favorites to make for guests. The brulee is already made by the pastry department, and when we get an order, I pour raw sugar over it and use a torch to ‘brulee’ the top. Basically, the heat melts and caramelizes the sugar, which makes that hard, smooth surface you get to stick your spoon into. And, of course, Baileys is my favorite. These are super-yummy. In the photo, it is served with two chocolate “cigarettes” and a citrus sables cookie. The only thing that has changed is the accoutrements – we changed it to an espresso madeleine.


The pave is a flour-less chocolate cake with chocolate mousse on top. It is cut into strips so that you can see both layers – kind of like layers of pavement. We make a cool design on the plate with berry coulis, and then add raspberries on top of the pave. Then, we add cocoa nibs (crushed cocoa beans) and chocolate sorbet.


This “pudding” is more like a small cake with dates. It’s sweet, and served with hard sauce, which is kind of a caramel sauce made with liquor. We warm up the pudding and sauce, and serve it with cold vanilla ice cream.


The ‘tarte tatin’ is traditionally a cake baked upside-down in a form, with the fruit arranged so that when the cake is baked and flipped over when done, it displays a nice pattern. Our tatins are made with banana and puff pastry, and we bake them just before serving so they are nice and hot. Brown butter caramel sauce on the plate, along with granola crumble and white chocolate cinnamon ice cream complete this dessert.


This is way better than the store bought snickers bar. It’s a dome filled with peanuts, chocolate cake, and nougat, and covered in glossy ganache. There’s chocolate ganache and salted caramel ice cream as well – yum! Although personally, I might have chosen peanut butter ice cream to accompany this desserts, since it’s all about chocolate and peanuts.


The trio plate is a small version of the brulee, pave, and tarte tatin.


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