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REAL German chocolate cake

Hey Peeps!

The problem with cakes in the US is that they are basically sponge cakes with no taste. The only difference between vanilla and chocolate is the color. Plus, they are usually covered in gross neon unworldly colors with buttery sugary frosting.

Cake hideousness!

Let me tell you about real German chocolate cake. In Germany, they don’t make it with coconut or super-sweet sugary frosting.

This is what German chocolate cake looks like in the USA.

But back to German chocolate cake. Like many misnomers, German chocolate cake is not, in fact, from Germany. Or like any cake that is made in Germany. It’s chocolate sponge cake (dry and crumbly) with layers of coconut sugar frosting. Gross!

Chocolate cake in Germany is one layer, uses REAL chocolate and REAL ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, hazelnut flour, and chocolate. Plus, a little rum!


Here is a chocolate hazelnut cake I made today. Other than being a little flat, it is the perfect example of what a German chocolate cake looks like. It is very dense and moist, and holds together quite well. It is not super sweet, but you can taste the hazelnut (from the hazelnut flour) and the chocolate (from real pieces of chocolate). I topped it off with powdered sugar.

Look at that crumb!

Traditionally, you enjoy a piece of cake or a pastry during “Kaffee und Kuchen” – the German equivalent to the British afternoon tea – with a dab of whipped cream (unsweetened) and coffee or tea. A substantial treat!

Guten Appetit!

~ Carolynn



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One thought on “REAL German chocolate cake

  1. So ein Zufall! Ich hab gerade eben genau so ein Exemplar aus dem Backofen geholt. Meines ist allerdings doppelt so hoch!!!
    Oma hat morgen Geburtstag und da ist der SchokoladeNusskuchen Tradition.
    Süße Grüße von Mami

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