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Hi Friends,

the weather in Vermont has not been friendly to the skiers, or the ski industry this winter. However, we still have guests at the hotel, and the slopes are still snowy.

View of the slopes.

This week has been alternately cold and balmy, but mostly sunny and blue skies, which is beautiful.

The Lodge.

Here’s a view of the Stowe Mountain Lodge from the outside.

View of the dining room.

This is our restaurant, Solstice. We also have a bar called Hourglass. All the food comes from the same kitchen.

Open kitchen.

I’ve probably mentioned before that it’s an open kitchen. This means that the line (where all the stoves, ovens, and ranges are) can be seen by the guests in the restaurant. You can see two servers (dressed in black) waiting for a cook (in between them in the black hat) to put food up onto the window or pass.

I like the open kitchen, it gives me a connection to the people who are actually eating the food I make. Although the restaurant lighting is pretty dim, I have definitely witnessed some exciting events, such as a couple of marriage proposals and a physical fight between guests (yup, that really happened).

~ Carolynn


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