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House smoked paprika, olive hummus, spicy carrot paste and micro greens.

Hey Friends,

if my life is anything like yours, you probably can’t believe it’s already February. My internship is coming to an end at the beginning of March, which means I have only a couple of weeks left at Stowe Mountain Lodge.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past year in culinary school, the past six months at my internship, and this last year of my life. So much has changed, and yet I am frustrated that I’m not already further down my career path. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s only my first year, and even after graduation, I will still only know a percentage of what I need to know to succeed in this industry. Patience can be hard.

My internship has been a little better lately, after the boredom of November and the monotony of December (Upper Lobby and so forth). In January, I was able to learn a little bit more about the saute station, but not much. Instead, I have been working with a co-worker on the pantry station (garde manger), and trying to get everything in order, and find workable solutions to problems that arise. In other words, the focus is on improving the station overall, and for me personally, to work on my professional goals, including being at work on time, prepping my station faster, cleaning the station, communicating better, and being professional at work.

I’m ready to move on and get back to classes. But before that, I’m going on vacation to visit my family and friends in Germany! I’m very excited to have a break from work before I return to my second year of culinary school! I’m also excited that I will be learning more in terms of culinary skills, taste and flavor, nutrition, and so on. At my internship, I feel like I’ve learned everything I’m going to learn, and now I can work on speed and precision.

Beef carpaccio with goat crema, shaved fried olive, and tomato jam

Other boring things happening in my life are doing my taxes, applying for scholarships, completing other school-related documents like the FAFSA and figuring out tuition payments. I have three days off this week, so that should be no problem! Ha!

Til later!

~ Carolynn


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One thought on “Meh

  1. Hi Carolynn. Happy travels to Germany! I hope the weather is good while you are there.

    I know that the journey can seem long. I too wonder how long it will be before I finally find my niche! And sometimes study just seems so long! So take heart…I am searching for Internships for my degree. I begin next fall to start real counseling in a real setting. A bit intimidating! But a step forward.

    Wish I lived closer! Would love to taste your creations!

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