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My first real special!

Hey Peeps!

When it’s slow at the restaurant, like in the last few days, people like me (i.e. interns) get to do stuff! And so it happened that I got to make my first real special appetizer! But first: the evolution of the amuse bouche on Tuesday.

I started out planning my amuse bouche, thinking I would use some deep fried capers and hummus. I looked at some of my mise en place, and added some shredded carrots and piquante peppers. I came up with this. On one side, there is a hummus quenelle with deep fried capers, on top of smoked paprika. On the other side, separated by balsamic syrup, there is a small “salad” of shredded carrots, julienne Peppadews with one micro basil.

There is too much going on here!!!

I kept adding things, like toasted  sesame seeds, smoked paprika, and balsamic syrup. Once I showed it to Chef, he said I was all over the Mediterranean. He told me to take away at least three things.

One option.

Here’s one option I thought about. I took the hummus, paprika, and capers and put it onto a plate, but I didn’t really like it.

The winning option.

I decided on using the other half of my original idea: carrot and Peppadew (sweet piquante peppers) with balsamic syrup, and toasted sesame seeds. A winning combination! And it meets the Chef’s preference that the amouse bouche be vegan. We didn’t end up sending any out, but I thought it was success nonetheless.

Moving on: every night, we have an appetizer and and entree special. Here are Monday’s specials.

Mussels and fettucini.

House-made fettucini with red pepper coulis sauce, and mussels (this is the appetizer).

Bacon-wrapped chicken.

Potatoes duchesse.

The starch of the day was potatoes duchesse. This is basically mashed potatoes with chives, piped into these forms, and then baked.

Plating the entree.

The entree special plated up.

The vegetable of the day was roasted cauliflower. Here you see the bacon-wrapped, blue cheese stuffed chicken with the cauliflower and the potatoes.

On Tuesday, we had pork schnitzel with honey-orange-vanilla roasted root vegetables and bread pudding (not visible in this photo).

Tuesday entree special.

The vegetables were too sweet to my taste, but the schnitzel was great!

And finally, I had time to make the appetizer special: chilled beet soup with honey-herb chevre. Beet soup is also known as borscht.  We didn’t actually sell any, but I thought it was a success!

Chilled red beet soup.


~ Carolynn



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