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Amuse bouche.

Hey Folks!

I’ve collected more photos from work. Above, you will see (although it’s pretty blurry) my photo of the amuse bouche I came up with the other night. It’s prosciutto rolled around blue cheese, with honey dabble and micro greens.

Duck confit tart.

This is the duck confit tart we make. “Confit” basically means something is cooked in a viscous liquid, which can be either fat or syrup. In this case, it’s duck confit, which means it’s duck meat cooked in duck fat. This is a traditional French cooking method, and chefs REALLY like using duck fat in their dishes. The components of this appetizer are: tart shell, duck confit salad (duck confit, shallots, thyme), micro greens, raspberry gelee, roasted hazelnuts, and truffle vinaigrette. Truffle oil is another very popular ingredient in fine dining. I don’t quite understand why yet, because it smells awful. And it doesn’t taste much better. But perhaps I will learn.

Pork osso buco.

Okay, this is not quite the osso buco part. This is pork shank, cut horizontally to make the osso buco. It’s seared, then roasted in its own juices, and usually reduced to the point of deliciousness. These are the pork “shanks” on the roasting pan.

Baked chicken skin.

Sometimes there are strange leftovers in the kitchen, such as chicken skin. A co-worker decided to roast the chicken skin and make a chicken skin salad sandwich as a lunch special. Yum! (Although we all thought the skins looked like squirrel skins, which made them significantly less appealing.)

Grilling bread.

Grilled bread.

Really, I could eat my weight in any of the bread items we have on the menu, whether it be this grilled bread (olive oil, salt, pepper, and grilled), caesar salad crostini (garlic, butter, herbs, cheese on focaccia), or pita chips (pita, roasted garlic oil, salt, herbs).

Mozzarella and oven roasted tomato salad, with basil pesto and balsamic syrup.

This is our mozzarella salad, although I think it’s a sandwich! It’s fresh mozzarella, oven roasted tomato (with herbs), piece of grilled bread, basil pesto, and balsamic syrup (which is really just balsamic vinegar reduced to syrup).

"Panache" salad.

The panache salad: mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, shaved onions, and balsamic cider vinaigrette.

Roasted vegetable sandwich.

Roasted vegetables include: eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, garlic. Two different spreads on the focaccia: artichoke spread and acorn squash puree.

Lobster roll with lemon remoulade and celeriac slaw.

Maine lobster salad rolls!!!!

Caesar salad.

Caesar salad with aforementioned crostini.

Trout with arugula-cheese filling and tomato-brothy sauce, topped with fried arugula for crunch.

Special entree from weeks ago, so I’ve forgotten some of the ingredients.

Pasta with oyster mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and some kind of lovely green topping.

Special appetizer. I love it when we make pasta!!!

Hummus with feta-roasted garlic topping, along with marinated artichokes, peppadew, and olives.

The hummus is quite good!
And now for some of our desserts!

Cheddar apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Baileys creme brulee with citrus sables cookie.

Flourless chocolate cake with berry coulis.

Cranberry bread pudding with creme anglaise, spiced apple compote, and maple walnut ice cream.


Dessert Trio: cheddar-apple pie with vanilla ice cream, mini chocolate cake and berry coulis, and mini Baileys creme brulee with citrus sables cookies.


You’re welcome for the gratuitous food photos. I claim no responsibility for your hunger!

~ Carolynn


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