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Amuse Bouche

Hey Folks:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the amuse bouche is a small, usually one or two bite offering, served to a guest either to whet the appetite or to keep him/her happy until the food gets there.

Our new Executive Chef has us make one every night, and it’s different every night. I have been able to make it twice, and it’s kind of fun putting something small yet tasty together. Plus, anything small or miniature looks cute on a small plate. At least I think so.

What I usually do is look on our shelves and in our coolers to see what’s lying around, like small amounts of leftovers from the previous day. Maybe there is a vinaigrette we used for a special that I can utilize on a small amount of lettuce mix. Or there is some extra crab cake batter, which I can pair with the lemon remoulade that comes off of my station (usually served with lobster roll).

Some of the requirements for the amuse bouche are that it should be one or two bites, be sour or sweet (to make the guests buy alcoholic drinks), and ideally be vegan or vegetarian. The vegan/vegetarian requirement (or guideline) is to make it appealing to the most guests possible, as the amuse bouche is served to the entire table (everyone gets the same thing). Plus, if it’s cold, it will be quick to put together when the chef wants to send it out to the table.

The amuse bouche is complimentary.

My first amuse bouche, pictured above, with chickpea panisse (chickpea flour logs, in this case baked, but usually fried), pickled fennel and onion, mint leaf, and roasted garlic yoghurt. (This made from my co-worker’s ideas.)

Amuse bouche with smoked salmon strips, basil oil, slice of cucumber, micro greens, and peppadew (sweet piquante peppers) shavings. Red sea salt in the corner.

Cornichon slices with dried apricot and honey mustard smear with prosciutto “rose”, topped with droplet of maple creme fraiche.

Mini crab cake with lemon remoulade, topped with frisee.


Bon appetit!

~ Carolynn




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  1. quinntastic on said:

    Those look SO delicious!

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