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Hey Peeps!

As you all know by now, I work at a luxury hotel. We have room service, of course, and at busy times of the year, like over Christmas and New Year’s, we set up a special station in the back kitchen to take the pressure off the line. All in-room dining orders go directly to that station, and guess who got to help out this year? ME!

My co-worker James ran the station, and once I set up the Upper Lobby station, I got to help out by making salads, frying fries, wings, and chicken tenders. Also, I got to grill some burgers, buns, and make kid’s pasta (mac and cheese or marinara). It was fun working back there, although it was a bit stressful at times.


Here’s how it works: the guest calls in-room dining from their room, and places an order. Each room has an in-room dining menu. The menu right now is basically the same as the menu you can get in the restaurant. The order is then placed, and a ticket is sent to the machine in the prep, where James waits patiently. Well, he might be running around, getting stuff together for service. In the back, the prep kitchen, we have a small fryer, griddle, and a small range (gas stoves). Plus, there are coolers and tables to set up the cool and dry items. In the photos above, you can see that a lot of items are needed to make all the dishes on the menu.

We do our best to make the dishes as soon as they come in, and get everything together for Darrell, our in-room dining manager. He (with his co-workers) then takes the food, and keeps it hot (if needed) in hot-box carts that he pushes up to the room that placed the order. Then, hopefully, he gets an enormous tip.

And guess what, we are such a luxury hotel that we even have dog food on the menu. Yes, people can order food for their dogs from the in-room dining menu. What a strange world we live in.

Off to more adventures in the hotel!

~ Carolynn


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