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The deep-fryer


Sooooooo, we all know that deep fried things are not that good for you. But we still love them. Basically, you can deep fry anything. We don’t deep fry anything too crazy at work. But sometimes, when we are short on bacon, we deep fry it because it’s quicker than making it in the oven. We put bacon on our burgers, and we sell a lot of burgers!

Also, our wings are made in the fryer. We sell wings with dry rub or wet rub. Although I think technically the wet wings aren’t made with a “rub”. It’s basically a buffalo sauce. The dry rub is a mixture of spices. Either way, the wings are deep fried until done, and then either tossed in the dry spices or wet sauce, and then served with blue cheese sauce and pickled vegetables (the photo shows celery sticks).

Luckily, I don’t work on the grill station, otherwise I would constantly be munching on wings, French fries, chicken tenders, etc. I just love fried things. Especially French fries.


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