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First day off in…

…eight days! Not as bad as before Thanksgiving, but still, working eight days in a row is exactly as fun as it sounds. Also, no breaks, even though a lot of us were working ten or more hours a day. Everyone was pretty exhausted by the time the new year finally arrived.

Well hello, folks. It’s my day off, and I actually wanted to take a day trip to Montreal tomorrow, but decided to change my plans because I have homework to do, and wanted to relax today. Homework can wait until tomorrow. Plus, I need to do more planning before a drive all the way up to Montreal.


I did a couple of projects today, like make my own margarita with pomegranate juice. Pretty good! I love using all my kitchen tools. As you can see in the photo, the Oster mixer was instrumental. This mixer belonged to my parents, and is probably over 20 years old. But it still works!

The other project involved trying to make these sanded hazelnuts we have at work. It’s supposed to be egg whites whipped with sugar, and then the hazelnuts just covered in that. But somehow, it didn’t work out AGAIN.

The fudge was an accident. I was trying to make caramel as an ice cream topping, but it wasn’t working out, so I added chocolate, thinking it would be a chocolate caramel. But then once it cooled, it turned into fudge! Also yummy. I guess you can’t go wrong with sugar, cream, and chocolate!

Overall, it was a semi-productive day, and mostly relaxing. Tomorrow, it’s back to work – homework, that is. Our new Executive Chef has given me the task of putting together a recipe a week in a binder, so that I can have a collection once I go back to school. I am feeling more hopeful about the internship because I have been given a task, and I know the chef also wants me to learn something rather than just “working”.

Right now, though, I’m just relaxing with my two kitties in the living room. So peaceful.


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