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Hey Peeps!

We got a new Executive Chef this week, and some things are changing in the kitchen! It’s good to have new energy, and someone definitive to call the shots on what we’re doing. There is, of course, going to be a period of adjustment. I worked on the line on Monday, and it was good to have a new chef in there to expedite and manage the line. He complimented me twice on having done a good job! Yay!

Above, a photo of salmon on lentil salad, with oven-roasted tomatoes and truffle vinaigrette.

Below, sea bass with a squash risotto cake, braised greens, and cider syrup.

Sea Bass

Duck breast on sweet potato mash, roasted root vegetables, and cherry syrup.


The new menu is pretty good, and flavors are awesome! Although the concept of  having a sweet/tart syrup with my fish or meat is new to me, I have to admit that it’s all very tasty.

Tomorrow, I’m back to my new station in the upper lobby. I’m making sandwiches to order, and selling soups and desserts. Wish me luck that we have a lot of guests! That means that I will be busy (and not bored).

~ Carolynn


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