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Upper Lobby

Hey Peeps!

Soooo, I moved on to another station at work. It was pretty exciting at first, but it’s been quite a bit boring. The idea is this: after skiing, people will come off the mountain and be hungry, perhaps want a little snack? Well, in the upper lobby of the hotel, we have some “stands” set up: there are beverages on one side (hot chocolate, hot cider, beer, wine, coffee, etc) and soups, sandwiches, and desserts on the other.

View of the Upper Lobby.

Me in my uniform with two co-workers.

My new station in the Upper Lobby.

I am responsible for setting up and managing the food section in the upper lobby. It’s a fun project. I get to make sandwiches: mozzarella and tomato sandwich with pesto, arugula, and balsamic aioli (or add prosciutto) and smoked turkey with lettuce, bacon, pickled onions, and artichoke spread.

Sandwiches on one side...

... desserts on the other!

Most of the desserts are made by our pastry chef and her team. We have raspberry bars, madeleines, biscotti, cookies, and truffles. The truffles are made by Laughing Moon Chocolates and they are awesome!

Unfortunately so far, there hasn’t been much traffic in the upper lobby. Most people are still eating in either the bar or the restaurant. However, this week, we might get more people due to the holiday. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for more snow on the mountains.

View on Route 100 to Stowe.


Those might be ski trails.

Not much snow yet, but hopefully soon!

They're using snow machines on the mountains to make up for the lack of snow.

It’s Christmas week, and we are expecting lots more guests at the hotel. That means lots of overtime for me. And I’m working six days a week, including on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’m not too disappointed. In fact, I expected to be working on weekends and holidays. What annoys me is that the general public has no awareness of the fact that lots of people work on weekends and holidays. Basically everyone in the service industry. But everything is structured around the people who work 9-5 jobs on weekdays. Hmmmm. Anyway, when you are sitting down for your Christmas feast, think of the people who can’t celebrate with their families and friends on the holiday because they have to work.

Okay, enough of that. Today was my day off, and for some reason, I had a massive headache. It’s better now after sleeping all day and taking some pain killers. But really, on my day off, really? In any case, it’s back to work tomorrow through next Monday. Tomorrow should be good. We are getting a new executive chef, so there’s a big meeting tomorrow with introductions and such. I’m exciting to meet him, and to see how it affects our team!

Just in case I don’t check back in, happy Hanukkah, Solstice, and Christmas to all!

~ Carolynn


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2 thoughts on “Upper Lobby

  1. Patrick on said:

    Happy holidays all around to you as well!

  2. Carolynn 2.0 on said:

    Thanks, Patrick!

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