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The Walk

Hey Folks,

sorry I have been kind of distant lately. I was sick for a while, and then super busy with work all week. Today is my “Saturday”, which makes tomorrow my “Sunday”, but unfortunately my employer is having a mandatory meeting for all associates, which means I have to drive in just for that. But I’m also having a meeting with my supervisor to talk about rotating me to other stations and positions in the kitchen, which means I will get experience doing in room dining cooking, banquet prep, breakfast cooking, pastry, and probably the grill and saute station as well. I’m really looking forward to learning so much more!

In the meantime, I need to focus on losing some weight and exercising more. It’s really hard to show restraint at work – there are just so many goodies around! Plus, I have to taste everything. Which means I eat too much food every day. Ugh. So, I need to start exercising. I’m starting by attempting to walk every day.

There is a good route right on my street. It’s about a two mile walk down the dirt road and back, right along the stream that also goes by my house.

Beautiful stream by my house/my walk.

Also: duckies! And geese!

Oh yeah, and there’s one chicken (or something) with really tattered feathers.

I do not know what is on top of this duck’s head!

Someone made a homemade sign to alert drivers of the sometimes free-roaming birds. I love Vermont!



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