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Commute and new station at work

I drive an hour to work on a good day, and longer when it’s snowing or otherwise bad weather. Monday on my way home, I got a ticket for speeding – my first. Overall, I have not been too upset about the commute. But it also hasn’t been entirely problematic.

As I work at a ski resort, the snow is inevitable. The employee numbers at the resort grow, and employee parking has moved across the street to a larger, more manageable parking lot. This means I get to take a gondola to work! It’s so exciting, although it also means I have to arrive (and therefore leave the house) earlier to allow for the short ride…

Employee parking lot. Above you can see the gondolas.

The mountain lodge and employee paring lot.

The gondola is the "Over Easy". We also have a flatbread named after it on the menu.

My first ride in the gondola!

View from the gondola.

The windows of the gondola are scratched up, but you can still see out.

View of the lodge.

I stopped by the bakeshop today to find that Chelsea had put up some Christmas decorations! What a nice atmosphere.

Decorations in the bakeshop!

Chelsea (pastry cook) poses under the improvised mistletoe of rosemary and parsley.

Sometime in January I will be able to work during breakfast and in the bakeshop! In December, I’ll be managing a station in the upper lobby of the hotel, where I will serve soups and sandwiches for the apres-ski folks. I’m looking forward to learning about my mini-business! I’ll have to do all the prep and service, and coordinate with the bakeshop for my baked goods, and also with the servers (front of the house). Can’t wait! The fun starts tomorrow!



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