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I got to make pasta at work – again! So happy.

They are agnolotti, which are basically a type of ravioli. My co-worker made a salsify-vanilla filling which tasted amazing, and we filled it into a pastry bag to pipe onto the sheets of pasta. The filling was still warm and a bit runny, so it was kind of hard to fold over the dough and form the agnolotti without it running all over the place and preventing me from sealing them.

But my love for pasta is so big it didn’t matter. I also had a bit of trouble making the pasta the same size, which is a problem if you want to sell them. You can’t give a guest wildly different sizes of pasta and charge them the same amount.

Visiting Chef Venoy showed me some tricks in terms of making the pasta look less rustic and basically more like fine dining ravioli. With a fork, you can make the ribbed edges, and cut out the pasta with a cookie cutter. You can see on one of the final photos the difference between the rectangular ones and the rounded ones. Chef Venoy finished the rounded ones, and that is why they look so pretty.

So, the agnolotti were served with a braised short rib stew, pistachios, and salsify crunchies. Soooo good. And it was a special on our menu that evening. I made a major contribution to the special that night, and was so proud of myself.



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