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three oh

Hey Folks!

Well, I’ve turned thirty! I am so excited to enter into this next decade of my life. The twenties were kind of a struggle, but I’ve come so far, and I’m not stopping!

I celebrated my birthday the evening before with my friend Leann and some of my neighbors. It was really nice to meet them after living here for several months. I had invited them just that day, and was happy so many showed up. I made tacos with ground beef and all the fixings. Plus, I got a chocolate mousse from La Brioche, NECI’s bakeshop. Yum! It was pretty awesome.

The next day, I had a massage at the hotel where I work. The spa is soooooo nice. It’s like you would imagine a luxury hotel spa to look like. I got there, and was led to the women’s locker rooms. There was a locker for me with a robe waiting. I also got slippers. After my massage, I wanted to go swimming in the heated pool. I had brought my bathing suit, and went swimming in the snow! The pool is an outdoor pool, with access from the inside. Did I mention that it’s heated? It was so amazing swimming in a heated pool under the open sky while it was snowing, on my 30th birthday.

After that, I went into the area where there is a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a steam room. Unfortunately, they weren’t working. But there was this “rain” shower thing that I stood under for a while, kind of like an indoor waterfall. I finally took a nice hot shower and got ready for work. So awesome!

I did end up working all night and it was pretty busy. But overall, I had a wonderful birthday, and got many cards, phone calls, and even flowers! I am a lucky person!

Thanks to all who congratulated me. I think it will be a year of celebrating since not all of you could be with me!

Much love,




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One thought on “three oh

  1. SO glad we got to talk on your bday!!! The spa sounds awesome – kind of like the one I work at (we have comfortable spa slippers in all sizes, plush robes, warm scented towels, etc.). I love your blog. The slow evenings post was highly entertaining!
    Take Care,

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