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Chocolate Mousse Bombs!!!

Hey Peeps!

The other night at work, I not only made pasta dough, but also got to make some yummy desserts!

Silicone mold with chocolate mousse filling.

Chef Tim made chocolate mousse, and filled it into the silicone mold. Then it was chilled. Basically you can push the cold chocolate mousse out because the silicone is pliable and the spheres can be inverted. In the photo above, I have already added cake rounds to the bottom of the domes (attached by ganache).

Chocolate ganache.

The next step is to coat the domes with warm chocolate ganache. I just poured the warm chocolate over the domes, and then set them on the grid.

Cute little domes, all in a row.

Parchment paper rolled up into a pastry bag.

Chef Tim then showed me how to form an impromptu pastry bag out of a piece of parchment paper, and we drizzled white chocolate over the domes. (They had been chilled in the meantime.)

White chocolate drizzle.


Chocolate shavings round the bottom.

The final touch: dark chocolate shavings.

I plated the dessert for dinner.

Chocolate bomb on a plate.

Pretty nice, huh.


~ Carolynn



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