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My Home (Part 2)

Hey Folks!

I have a couple more photos for you of my home.

Living room.

Here you see my signature red bookcase. It’s so big and heavy. I’ve been thinking about selling it as part of my whole “getting rid of things I no longer need” plan.

More living room.

As you can see, there is an entire bed in my living room. This is because the bed I was using didn’t fit up the stairs, or through the porch and window to the bedroom. Therefore, I use it as my couch/lying down area in the living room. It’s kind of fun to be able to fully stretch out.

Going into the entryway.

As we go into the entrance room (I don’t really know what to call it), there is a big “doorway”, as it were.


The door is to the left, and the kitchen is to the right. I set up my desk instead of my kitchen table because it has more space, and seems less clunky.

Stove and counter space.

Fridge and sink area.

I am lucky to have a gas stove, and a decent-sized kitchen. I really enjoy being in the space, and making great food there. Or sometimes not so great food.

Update on my bacon: supposedly it was done today, so I took it out of the brine and tried it. It tasted a bit swiny to me, and I’m not sure I really like it. Plus, REAL bacon is smoked, and since I don’t have a smoker, the cookbook suggests to roast it. So I roasted it, but still didn’t like it too much. However, I made a pretty decent clam chowder and added some of my fresh bacon, and it was fine.

Well, that’s my lovely home. Today, I walked to the post office, and then to the local coop. It’s nice to live in a small, rural town where I can walk places. It was a beautiful day, and I felt at peace with the world. It’s been a rough few years, and I feel so much better now. I treasure the moments I can just be in the world, and feel calm.




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