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Work is hard.

Dear Friends,

here are more photos from my adventures at work in the culinary world, and also in Vermont. Did I mention it snowed last night? The roads were a little slippery on my way home last night, but this morning, all was clear.

Tonight was a rough night for me at work. Everything rubbed me the wrong way, and I was pretty much in a fowl mood all night long. Some of my co-workers thought I did a good job, but it really didn’t feel like it to me.

I was doing fine making salads and desserts, and then all of a sudden I got a ticket with six different ice creams, and everything broke down. The problem with the ice cream is that the freezer is too cold, so the ice cream is too hard to scoop. I periodically take it out to soften it up. And all the scoopers at work are broken or weird, so scooping is quite the task. When a ticket with lots of ice cream comes in, it usually takes me a while to get it done.

Anyway, my co-workers helped me out, but I never really recovered from the frazzle. Sigh. It’s not the first time I’ve wanted to cry at work, and it probably won’t be the last.

I’ve collected some photos from recent specials we ran. You’ll see the ravioli I made. Also, photos from the mountain at work, where there is now snow thanks to both snow blowers and Mother Nature.lkkkp[[df[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[h]]]gbv [greetings from Purl, who just walked over the keyboard]

Preparations for Thanksgiving are in full gear. I got to break down turkeys last night, and two nights ago, I roasted pumpkins seeds. My co-worker made pumpkin soup from some pumpkins that were roasted a bit too long. Another co-worker made fried oysters. We have oysters in the house because they will be in the in stuffing. Yum! Tomorrow is a big day, and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the menu, if you want to take look at what we’ll be serving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I will be at work, sneaking bits of turkey during service.

~ Carolynn



The Freshman 45

Dear Friends,

not all of you might now what the title of this post means, especially my German friends. In the US, there is this thing called the “freshman 15”, which refers to the weight gain of young people in their first year of college. This is probably due to the fact that they now eat in cafeterias for all three meals, where there is generally a lot of food available.

Well, I am in my first year of culinary school, and I have gained a lot of weight. It started before I came here, but nevertheless, being constantly surrounded by food, it is really hard to resist snacking, tasting, and eating all the time. Plus, I try things out at home, so I get to eat my mistakes, etc.

Right now, I am about 30-40 lbs overweight, which is the most I’ve weighed in my entire life. My clothes don’t fit my anymore, and I feel fat and sluggish. I am disappointed in myself, but am mostly at a loss as to how to fix the situation. I need to lose weight, but I know it’s going to be very hard to achieve since I now work around food.

Exercise? There is very little exercise in my life. The most I can do is a short walk sometimes. Other than that, I did sign up for a pilates course once a week, which I am looking forward to. Overall, not much exercise. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, either.

So I need to reduce the amount of calories I eat. My plan is to eat very small portions, since throughout my day, I generally taste things to make sure they are fresh, or because someone has cooked something that needs tasting. I can count on the fact that I will get enough calories.

But it’s very hard to be disciplined, so wish me luck. I will need it.

To a slimmer future!

~ Carolynn

More menu items.

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