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Makin’ Bacon

Hey People!

As part of my new culinary career, I am trying to make as many things as possible at home. It’s so much fun to figure things out, and to make things I would otherwise buy in a store. This week’s project is bacon. I bought 5 pounds of pork belly from a local farm and picked it up at the farmer’s market on Saturday. I also have a great book, Charcuterie, that explains how to cure and smoke meats, and pickle things.

Pork belly.

I start out with the pork belly, which I cut into two pieces so that I can make a regular bacon and a maple bacon. Plus, it will fill in to my plastic bags in smaller pieces.

Pink curing salt.

I ordered the pink curing salt online. It’s pink so you can tell it apart from regular table salt. It’s sodium nitrite, which means something special that I forgot. In any case, it’s special and should only be used for curing.

Maple bacon a week from now.

It only takes a week for the meat to cure. I can’t wait.

~ Carolynn


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One thought on “Makin’ Bacon

  1. fünf pfund speck!!! desch isch aber SAUmäßig viel!!

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