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Hey Folks!

Despite not having a lot of time at home, I’ve still been active working on little projects. I recently bought some new kitchen equipment, such as pasta attachments for my Kitchenaid machine, two new saute pans, a baking stone, and a spider. I got most of the items at Kittredge in Burlington, VT, which is an equipment supplier for professional kitchens. Although, the public is allowed to go to the warehouse and purchase things. When I went, it was like heaven for cooks. Amazing stuff at good prices. I wanted so much stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited amounts of money (who does), so I had to limit my purchases…. sigh.

Anyway, as a result of new equipment, I’ve been pretty busy making stuff at home. I love spending time figuring out how to make awesome food. As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE making pasta. The new pasta attachments can roll out dough to varying degrees of thickness, cut linguine, and also cut spaghetti. So far, I’ve made spinach linguine, spaghetti, and ravioli filled with ricotta and basil, ricotta and roasted garlic, and butternut squash. I’ve also made pot stickers with whole wheat dough. Unfortunately, my camera lost the photos, so I can’t show you how pretty they were.

I’ve also attempted to make breadsticks and pizza. So far my efforts have been okay, but I just haven’t been able to make pizza or bread the way I want it to come out. I’ll keep trying, though.

I’ve made caramel popcorn, peanut brittle, maple caramel (with salt). I’ve made apple and raisin chutney, apple compote.

Projects I’m still working on are making ginger candy, candied lemon, apple pie, sauerkraut (should be ready today), bacon, and duck prosciutto. I’ve already purchased special curing salt for the bacon and prosciutto, but I’m still trying to get pork belly and duck breasts from a local farm.

Can’t wait for more projects!

~ Carolynn


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