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My Home

Hey Peeps!

Time for some spring – ahem – FALL cleaning. I picked up my stuff and cleaned today, and thought I’d share some photos of my new home.

My apartment goes over two floors.

This is the first floor of my apartment. I’m in the middle of a large building, with apartments on either side.

My new home.

See that window up on the roof? It’s empty, and there’s no way up there. It’s just a creepy window above my bedroom.

My bedroom.

There are two rooms on the second floor. This is my bedroom. On the other side of the hallway:

My clothes room.

I’m not sure what to call this room, but this is where I keep all my clothes, my laundry, and my ironing board. My ironing board is always out since I frequently have to iron my uniforms.

A narrow and steep stairway.

The way downstairs is scary at night. Not spooky scary; but sometimes I’m afraid I will fall down while still half asleep, on my way to the bathroom.

The bottom of the stairs.

Purl was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, sniffing at something on the stairs.

The stream next to my house.

This is the stream that was so high during the hurricane. Now it’s harmless. My balcony is the one on the bottom.

Rolling in the dirt.

Purl enjoyed rolling in the dirt while I was walking around, taking photos.

So that’s a little tour. Once I’ve picked up the downstairs, you may see more photos!

~ Carolynn


Makin’ Bacon

Hey People!

As part of my new culinary career, I am trying to make as many things as possible at home. It’s so much fun to figure things out, and to make things I would otherwise buy in a store. This week’s project is bacon. I bought 5 pounds of pork belly from a local farm and picked it up at the farmer’s market on Saturday. I also have a great book, Charcuterie, that explains how to cure and smoke meats, and pickle things.

Pork belly.

I start out with the pork belly, which I cut into two pieces so that I can make a regular bacon and a maple bacon. Plus, it will fill in to my plastic bags in smaller pieces.

Pink curing salt.

I ordered the pink curing salt online. It’s pink so you can tell it apart from regular table salt. It’s sodium nitrite, which means something special that I forgot. In any case, it’s special and should only be used for curing.

Maple bacon a week from now.

It only takes a week for the meat to cure. I can’t wait.

~ Carolynn

Dessert, anyone?


Hey Peeps!

Here are some of the desserts I make at my new job. Awesome, right? The raspberry bomb is out of this world. It was a special last weekend.

I don’t actually make the desserts, but I “assemble” them, if you will. The pastry chef ┬ámakes them, and I put them together when guests order them. My favorite dessert to make is the creme brulee, because I get to use the blow torch to caramelize the sugar! So much fun.

I’d say my internship is going well. Everyone has been really nice, and I’m doing a good job, as far as I can tell. Our busy time is over for now (leaf season is practically over), and we’ll get busy again around Thanksgiving, and in December.

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