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Hey Peeps!

As many of you have heard, Vermont was hit pretty hard by the floods from Hurricane Irene this weekend. I live next to a small brook, and it was definitely scary.

By Sunday afternoon at around 4pm, my landlady had come by twice to check on me and suggest leaving. I had packed my bags, including a litter box and litter for the cat, and her bed, and my pillow and a blanket. My plan was to evacuate to a friend’s house in Montpelier.

I watched the brook rise and rise, and though I might be able to make it through the night. Here’s what it looks like from my porch.

Scary, right? (You can see the video on my facebook page.)

Well, I ended up going to a hotel in Montpelier, with Purl, of course. I wasn’t about to leave her behind! It was strange having to leave, and I felt really sad at first, and wanted to go home. But eventually, I felt better, and Purl seemed to settle in to our room.

Purl investigates the hotel room.

Cobwebs under the beds!!!

The next morning I returned to my apartment, and all was well. No damage, everyone was safe, and it felt sooooo good to return home.

The whole episode made me realize how much I like my new home, and how grateful I am to have the resources to save myself and my cat from a potentially destructive situation.

~ Carolynn


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