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French Rolled Omelets

Hey Peeps!

Sorry it’s been so long… somehow August came and almost went. I’m so behind on posting!!!!

This is just a quick one on a project we got to do. The task was to make and plate a French rolled omelet.

First, Chef Ryan demonstrates how to do it.

Start with a medium hot pan.

Melt some butter in the pan.

Whip the eggs until the yolks have combined with the whites. No snots floating around.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but Chef Ryan is whipping the eggs together in a circular motion so that they are nice and fluffy.

In order to regulate the heat, you have to take it on and off the heat.

Once the curds have set on the bottom, stir the eggs around to loosen them.

The idea is to keep the eggs from browning. The whole process doesn’t take a lot of time at all.

Once the curds have almost set, form them into a circular shape.

At this point, you can probably take the eggs off the heat. You can also fill the omelet with whatever you want, like cheese.

Slide the utensil under one end of the omelet, and let it fold onto itself while tipping the pan.

The omelet should roll right onto the plate, seam side down.

Tsk tsk. Chef Ryan's omelet isn't very smooth.

The idea is to have an omelet that is completely smooth. You can put a piece of butter to melt on top.

Chef Ryan had us, the class, come up with omelet ideas to practice the art of rolling omelets onto a plate. Here’s what we came up with:

Omelet with chorizo and tomato, topped with goat cheese.

Can't remember what was in this one, but that's a raspberry and some drops of mint oil.

Omelet with poached egg yolks and asparagus.

Omelet with mesclun mix and goat cheese filling, topped with herbs and edible flowers.

My idea of a Tex-Mex omelet: omelet filled with black beans and cheese, and topped with a ground chipotle hollandaise sauce.

This was a really fun project. I enjoyed coming up with my own idea and creating a real dish. Even got to eat it!

That’s all for now. I hope to write more this week.

~ Carolynn


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