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Hey Peeps!

As many of you have heard, Vermont was hit pretty hard by the floods from Hurricane Irene this weekend. I live next to a small brook, and it was definitely scary.

By Sunday afternoon at around 4pm, my landlady had come by twice to check on me and suggest leaving. I had packed my bags, including a litter box and litter for the cat, and her bed, and my pillow and a blanket. My plan was to evacuate to a friend’s house in Montpelier.

I watched the brook rise and rise, and though I might be able to make it through the night. Here’s what it looks like from my porch.

Scary, right? (You can see the video on my facebook page.)

Well, I ended up going to a hotel in Montpelier, with Purl, of course. I wasn’t about to leave her behind! It was strange having to leave, and I felt really sad at first, and wanted to go home. But eventually, I felt better, and Purl seemed to settle in to our room.

Purl investigates the hotel room.

Cobwebs under the beds!!!

The next morning I returned to my apartment, and all was well. No damage, everyone was safe, and it felt sooooo good to return home.

The whole episode made me realize how much I like my new home, and how grateful I am to have the resources to save myself and my cat from a potentially destructive situation.

~ Carolynn



Hey Peeps!

Okay, this is a real fun one. Making sausages is the world’s best or possibly worst opportunity to make jokes about… you know, certain male parts. Wow. Even I couldn’t stop thinking about it. But of course, I’m a professional, and kept my mouth shut. So did everyone else.

The photos really speak for themselves. We use the good ol’ Hobart machine to grind the meat, which shouldn’t get above 51 degrees, hence the ice bath. We added cheese and different spices to this sausage to make turkey cheese bratwurst. It was actually really fun, and I learned how to turn the wheel while stuffing the casing. The casing, in case you weren’t aware, is the lining of the intestine. It’s probably the most difficult thing to manage, since you have to find the opening and slide the thing onto the sausage stuffer. It’s kind of like putting on nylons, when you bunch up the stockings on your hand so you can slide them onto your feet and up your legs.

You also want to take care that the stuffing isn’t too tight, otherwise the sausage will break when you cook it. One of the fun parts was pinching off the sausage from the big coil and twirling it around. At the very end, we hung them up to dry in the walk-in cooler.

So much fun! Now I want to make my own.

~ Carolynn


Guess who came to visit last week! My Papa.

Here we are in Dewey Cafeteria, where Papa helped prep food. I should always have my Papa there to help me do my work. In fact, we had a lot of fun in the hot bakery, where we made banana bread. Unfortunately, it is the HOTTEST place on campus, so we didn’t stay too long. I enjoyed showing my father what I do, and all the chefs were really nice to him.

We also ate ourselves silly at the tapas lounge at NECI on Main, Positive Pie (pizza), Das Bierhaus (German), the Great Vermont Community Picnic, and brunch at NECI. So much food!!!

It was a great visit.

~ Carolynn

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