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Meat Fabrication: Turkey Breast

Hey Peeps!

Welcome to a new term, a new semester in my life. This term, I will be taking a bunch more production classes, including: meat fabrication, classic French cuisine, culinary basics, and a la carte.

I am in a new Block, meaning I have new classmates. This time, there are five of us in a class, which is awesome because that means we get even more attention from the instructors.

The first class I have is Introduction to Meat Fabrication, which is a class in which I will learn how to break down primal and subprimal cuts of meat, poultry and fish. A primal cut is, for example, a half of a carcass. A subprimal cut is similar, except it has already been broken down a bit. Fabricated meat, fish, or poultry is what we call the actually portioned cut of meat that you get on your plate.

On the first day, we learned how to break down and “clean” a turkey breast. The bones were still in the breast, but the legs and wings had already been cut off. I’ll spare the gory details, but it really was interesting to learn about the bones and the different muscles, and how to cut the meat off the bones.

In the following posts: more fabrication of steaks, chickens, fish, sausage-making and smoking of meats!

~ Carolynn

Boning knife used to fabricate meats and poultry.


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  1. Mami on said:

    “Her mit dem Truthahn, aber bitte mit Soße!”

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