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Final Exam

Eight little loaves, all in a row.

Hey Peeps!

My final post on the baking course. Above you see the products of our final exam. We had to make a loaf of bread and one batch of cookies. This time, we got to make chocolate chip cookies (finally). Another final exam where we got to eat the final products. What a great school!

My final bread.

I ended up passing the course with exceeds standards, which is awesome! Even though I screwed up on the mixing station (A LOT), I ended up doing well in most parts of the class.

For two days, I also got to be the ‘sous chef’, meaning I got to cook breakfast for about 15 people. The first day, I made eggs benedict, which is poached eggs on toast with hollandaise. The second day, I decided to make something healthy, so I made fruit smoothies and granola, which turned out to be a great hit.

Eggs benedict!

For your enjoyment, I’ve collected a small gallery below of yummy baked items.

That’s all!

~ Carolynn

Bread with something flowing out...

A big vat of honey.

Weighing honey isn't so easy.

Levain - a kind of sourdough bread.



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