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Quick breads: muffins

Cranberry muffins.

Hey Peeps!

Time for more baking! Today: muffins! And how to mix muffin batter.

A muffin is a quick bread. The definition of a quick bread is a baked item that is leavened by chemicals (usually baking soda) and steam. Some other examples of quick breads are pancakes, waffles, biscuits, loaf breads, popovers, and scones.

Plain muffin batter.

For muffins, we use the muffin method of mixing. This is probably the easiest method of mixing, consisting of simply mixing the dry ingredients together, mixing the wet ingredients together, and then combining the two. However, the trick is to mix until the ingredients are just mixed together, and then stop. It’s good to have lumps in the batter.


In the bakeshop, we make the muffin batter in advance, and then add the garnish for blueberry or cranberry muffins the day of baking. In this case, the blueberries and cranberries are frozen.


We use an ice cream scoop to scoop the batter into the lined muffin tins.

Blueberry muffin batter with streusel.

Then, we add streusel (flour, butter, sugar crumble) to the top, which makes a nice crunchy sweet topping.

The finished product.

Pretty easy, right?

~ Carolynn






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