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Knotted and Braided Breads

Hey Peeps!

More from the bread bench today. My favorite part of this class is braiding doughs into different shapes.

We start with the rounded doughs, and roll them out into snakes. The key to rolling the dough into snakes is to keep both your fingers and your palms on the bench. That’s how you know that it’s the correct width. Also, try not to stretch it too much. The dough should expand naturally. If needed, you can roll it out a bit, and then let it rest for a moment, then continue.


To make a figure eight roll, start with a reverse 6.


Twist the loop part once towards the tail end. Take the tail and pull it through the loop.

Tuck the tail underneath the eight, and it’s all done! Here’s the final product, after egg wash and baking.


Next up: single strand braid or braided roll

Start with the same backwards 6, then proceed as above, twisting the loop towards the tail, then pulling the tail through the loop.

At the end, it should look like this. Tuck the tail under the final loop. You can also sprinkle a garnish on before baking, like sesame seed or poppy seed.

In the past, I’ve really had problems with yeast doughs at home. I always seem to do something wrong. But hopefully with this professional training, I will not only be able to successfully create a nice yeast dough, but also shape it into pretty things.



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